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Minister without portfolio responsible for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion

Marko Bandelli


Born on 19 November 1967


Master of Business Studies, specialised in International Business Management, DOBA - Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies, Maribor


Marko Bandelli was born in Trieste, Italy, and spent his childhood in Aurisina, Italy. He passed a school-leaving exam at the Trieste-based Technical Institute Žiga Zois in 1988 and established his first company right after. Having built a successful career in business, Mr Bandelli returned to school later in life and after graduating in economics at the DOBA Business School in 2013 obtained a masters' degree in business studies at the same faculty in 2015.
The company he started in his early twenties has since become Bandelli Group, an internationally acclaimed family business based in Vipava, Slovenia, that specialises in wholesale, retail, manufacture of concrete and concrete products and provision of other innovative goods.
With the support of the party of the former Slovenian prime minister Alenka Bratušek Mr Bandelli was elected mayor of Municipality of Komen in the local government elections of 2014. He used his extensive experience in business leadership, finance, marketing, strategic business planning and strategic planning in general to empower the employees and set path forward for the municipality. In just four years in office, he managed to transform Komen to an award-winning green destination that successfully uses its natural and cultural heritage as the basis for development and progress of the local community.
In the past, Mr Bandelli acted as a member and president of the RTV Slovenia Supervisory Board and was a member of the  Cohesion Region Zahodna Slovenija Development Council.
He is currently Vice-president of the Party of Alenka Bratušek and was elected member of Slovenian National Assembly in snap elections held in June 2018.
He lives with his wife and children in Kobdilj, Slovenia.
Marko Bandelli was appointed Minister without portfolio responsible for development, strategic projects and cohesion on 13 September 2018 by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

State Secretary

Dr. Nevenka Ribič


Born on 13 October 1962

Doctor of Business Sciences, Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje


Dr Nevenka Ribič was born in Celje and lives in Breg pri Polzeli. She went to Polzela Primary School and received secondary education in Celje. Dr Ribič completed an economics programme at the University of Maribor, School of Economics and Business in 1981, and graduated in economics at the Celje School of Economics in 2006. Dr Ribič received a Master’s degree in Business Sciences at the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences in Celje in 2009 and earned a Doctor’s degree in 2015. 

Dr. Nevenka Ribič is a manager with over 20 years’ experience working as a board member of the Garant Polzela public limited company, and has had a longstanding career in heading accounting and finance departments. She worked as director of finance and accounting departments in Tehnopolis Group’s members - Tehnopolis d.o.o., Celje, Regional Development Agency Celje d.o.o., and Rits d.o.o., Celje. From 2017 until her appointment as State Secretary, Dr Ribič worked at Municipality Polzela as the chief financial officer responsible for budget planning and drawing up of municipality annual financial statements.

Dr Ribič is a certified member of the Slovenian Directors’ Association, she has been appointed lay judge at the Celje Higher Court and has written a number of articles on accounting and finance. One of her renowned articles discusses professional ethics of accountants and its application in practice (magazine Revizor 5/11).

Dr Ribič was a member of the task force working on the revision of the Code of professional ethics for certified public accountants at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, and worked as assistant at the Faculty of Business Studies in Ljubljana giving lectures on investment, accounting and finance. Dr Ribič was also a lecturer at the College of Accounting and Finance in Ljubljana.  

Dr Nevenka Ribič was appointed State Secretary at the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy on 14 September 2018 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.