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ECP 2014-2020



In the period 2014-2020 Slovenia is eligible to approximately EUR 3.255 billion under the EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund of which EUR 159.8 million is earmarked for Connecting Europe Facility (for transportation) and EUR 64 million for the European Territorial Cooperation programmes. The rest, i.e. the majority, of the funds shall comply with the EU 2020 Strategy objectives thus giving priority to economic growth and new jobs:


research and innovation 

information and communication technologies 

enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises 

supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy 


The European Commission has identified 11 thematic objectives under which the Member States can finance European Cohesion Policy actions and contribute to the realisation of the EU 2020 Strategy objectives.  



In line with the EU methodology Slovenia will be divided into two cohesion regions, namely the cohesion region Zahodna Slovenija (west Slovenia) and the cohesion region Vzhodna Slovenija (east Slovenia). The cohesion region Zahodna Slovenija will be eligible to EUR 855 million and the cohesion region Vzhodna Slovenija to EUR 1.27 billion, namely under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). The Cohesion Fund (CF) will not be divided for the two regions and the whole of Slovenia will be eligible to EUR 1.055 billion for the construction of environmental and transportation infrastructure as well as for sustainable use of energy.       


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) highlights:

-Investing in research, development and innovation and especially its application (commercialisation) – a little under EUR 500 million (as foreseen).

-Incentives for competitiveness of enterprises, especially small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, in all stages – from establishment to development. In the most part the incentives will be refundable and will enable access to financial resources – EUR 600 million (as foreseen).    

-The actions will be implemented in the framework of the development platform which will be a one-stop-shop for establishing synergies between various financial instruments and non-reimbursable incentives tailored to the development disparities of the two cohesion regions and to project subject matters.  

-Urban development: support will be given to projects of sustainable mobility and projects that aim to improve the situation regarding air pollution. The projects will also be combined with social inclusion and new jobs.  


European Social Fund (ESF) highlights:

-Incentives for employment and training, especially for young and older people – EUR 360 million (as foreseen).   

-Incentives for strengthening individual’s competences and projects for human resources development in companies, for greater quality of vocation education, international mobility of secondary-school students, university students and employees in the educational system – EUR 150 million (as foreseen). 

-Social inclusion with emphasis on the activation of social transfer recipients, social innovation and social entrepreneurship projects. Support will mainly be given to de-institutionalisation of social care services. New forms of services and thus new jobs, i.e. white jobs, will be supported through social entrepreneurship with the latter being supported also by specific financial instruments in the framework of incentives for enterprises under the European Regional Development Fund – EUR 150 million (as foreseen).  


Cohesion Fund highlights:

-Actions for efficient use of resources (energy efficiency). Investment in these projects will support the potential for development and new jobs (the so-called green jobs) – EUR 250 million (as foreseen).  

-Environmental infrastructure and transportation projects with a positive impact on the environment – EUR 700 million (as foreseen).