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Government takes note of the draft Slovenia's Development Strategy 2030

Ljubljana, 12 October 2017 – Draft Slovenia's Development Strategy 2030 was introduced to members of Slovenian government at today' regular session. The document was drafted under the auspices of the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, the Ministry of Finance and the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development in close cooperation with all government departments and the national statistical office. The government put the design of the strategy at the heart of its agenda at the beginning of its term of office. A public consultation which will be closed on 9 November is being launched today after a year or so of coordination between various stakeholders. The consultation will be followed by inter-ministerial coordination and the documented is expected to be adopted by the government in December 2017. 


Slovenia’s Development Strategy 2030 is an umbrella development plan which builds on the Vision of Slovenia 2050 and current state of the economy, the society and the environment; it takes into account the global challenges and trends, and is designed to incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals. First and foremost, the document is intended for policy-makers who are responsible for delivering on it, while its outputs and outcomes target Slovenian citizens who are at the centre of agenda – both at the level of individuals and at the level of society as a whole. The overarching objective of the Strategy is to pursue and achieve a high quality of life for all, which is underpinned by five strategic orientations:


1. Inclusive, resilient, safe and responsible society 
2. Learning for and through life
3. Highly productive economy that creates added value for all
4. Well-preserved and healthy natural environment
5. High level of cooperation, competence and efficiency of governance


The five strategic orientations underpinning the achievement of the overarching objective of the Strategy will be pursued through action in five interlinked and interdependent areas which have been grouped around twelve development goals of the Strategy:


Goal 1: Healthy and active life 
Goal 2: Knowledge and skills for quality of life and work
Goal 3: Decent life for all
Goal 4: Culture and language as basic building bricks of national identity
Goal 5: Economic stability
Goal 6: Competitive and socially responsible corporate sector
Goal 7: Inclusive labour market and quality jobs
Goal 8: Low-carbon circular economy
Goal 9: Sustainable and effective resource management 
Goal 10: Trustworthy legal system
Goal 11: Slovenia, safe and globally responsible citizen
Goal 12: Efficient governance and quality public services


The goals will only be achieved through a balanced economic, social, and environmental development where learning for and through life and efficient governance and cooperation system play a key role. The Strategy is the umbrella development plan of the country which serves as a roadmap; this means that future sectoral development policies, programmes and actions will be designed so as to be in coherence with the Strategy. As each of the development goals combines different sectoral policy priorities that are under the responsibility of different ministries, this dictates the need for strengthening the effectiveness of inter-ministerial coordination and cooperation in order to successfully deliver the Strategy. The policies, activities and actions of each governmnet department will be designed so as to facilitate and support the achievement of the goals of Slovenia’s Development Strategy 2030 which will be monitored and followed up by a set of 29 key performance indicators with associated target values attached to each of the twelve development goals. 


Minister Alenka Smerkolj: ''We all strive for development, in a number of areas, yet too often we forget to work together for development. We have difficulties finding a common path, we often fail to make our goals concrete enough, let alone link them and follow-up on them to track whether we have been successful in implementing these goals. What you have today in your hands is draft Slovenia’s Development Strategy 2030, a result of discussions and efforts to achieve a consensus, a common ground across different levels of government on the goals, indicators and target values. Yet, as the word ‘’draft’’ suggests, this document will be further developed, it will be finalised based on the comments, suggestions and observations received during the public consultation process. From the very start, the process of crafting this Strategy has been all-inclusive – we believe that opinion of each and every citizen counts when it comes to important development issues that will have long-term impacts on lives of all of us.’’


Slovenian Development Strategy 2030 (DRAFT) - OVERVIEW